The Unlawful Sale

 The Unlawful Sale

The Unlawful Sale of Firearms in Florida

The laws concerning who may buy and who may sell a firearm have grown in their scope greatly over the past few decades. In most states, there are many restrictions and regulations ak47 pistol for sale specifically concerning the sale of firearms. When these laws are violated it is possible for those accused to be subject to harsh consequences, even if they weren’t aware that they were violating a law. By better understanding what the laws are concerning the trade, gifting, and sale of firearms, you are better able to protect your own freedoms and the freedom of those you care about.

Common Laws Concerning Firearm Sales

There are many laws that regulate who you may sell a firearm to. These laws not only control sales, but they also regulate gifts, transfers, barters, and trades concerning firearms. While laws differ from place to place regarding firearm sales, some examples of common laws include the following:

It is illegal to sell a firearm to a minor without their parent’s permission

It is illegal to sell, give, barter, trade or transfer any weapon other than a pocket knife to a minor without the direct consent of their parent

It is illegal to sell a weapon to someone of unsound mind

It is illegal to sell a firearm, pistol, or repeating rifle to a minor, even if their parents give permission.

The Department of Law Enforcement must approve of the sale and delivery of any firearm. This can be done by filling out and filing the proper application during the initial transaction.

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