Technical Diving Is Made Easy With Aeris A300 Ai

Technical Diving Is Made Easy With Aeris A300 Ai

Aeris A300 man-made intelligence was acquainted with our scuba plunging market at the absolute starting point 2012. This new high level Aeris jump PC was made for specialized plunging, as it upholds up to 4 nitrox gas blends, has incorporated computerized compass, further developed UI and Double Calculation.

Aeris A300 artificial intelligence: Presentations and Connection point

Aeris A300 man-made komodo day trip  was planned with broad number of menus and sub-menus, as this exceptional jump PC was made for specialized plunging. As a matter of fact, it upholds up to 4 nitrox gas blends in with FO2 21-100 percent.

And yet, A300 man-made intelligence has instinctive point of interaction that permits the jumper tweaking all settings exceptionally simple.

This Aeris jump PC has fundamental and elective showcases for surface and plunge modes activities. To assist a jumper with bettering evaluating nitrogen stacking and rising pace, plunge PC has two variety coded reference diagrams on the left and right sides of the showcase.

PC is worked with Double Calculation that implies – we might pick either moderate and more liberal plunging to oblige our specific requirements: Pelagic DSAT and Pelagic Z+.

Pelagic DSAT – use it for liberal jumping, and to add more traditionalism you might change TLBG caution and set your Own Moderate Element to ON.

Pelagic Z+ – use it for moderate jumping, and by picking this calculation, you will increment moderate variable by 15 – 20% immediately. This choice is an extraordinary advantage for those individuals who are engaged with continuous and testing jumping conditions, jumpers who are overweight, and individuals who make a plunge cold water conditions or the people who didn’t plunge for a significant stretch of time.

Coordinated advanced compass is accessible whenever on surface and submerged.

Aeris A300 man-made intelligence: Plunging

Aeris A300 man-made intelligence can be utilized for plunging with Air, Nitrox, and in Measure mode.

For plunging with nitrox blends, we really want to set at least one gas blends, set PO2, and change proper FO2 to values that are higher than 21% of O2. The most famous nitrox gas blends for sporting jumping are blends in with FO2 32% and FO2 36%.

At the point when Aeris A300 man-made intelligence was set for plunging with nitrox, it ascertains and shows relating values for this specific jump mode. Also, the most significant of them are current PO2 worth and greatest profundity, as per set places of FO2 and PO2.

A plunge PC shows all the crucial data you want:

current profundity;

No-Decompression time remaining;

Passed Plunge time;

Broadcast appointment remaining;


This Aeris jump PC is the hose air-incorporated instrument, so it is continually observing tank strain of the first chamber and it has generally proper arrangement of cautions for low tension circumstances. Air coordination turns out just for the first tank and consequently all estimations and alerts are substantial just for this chamber.

In the event that client set Aeris A300 computer based intelligence for Check mode – jump PC doesn’t work out No-Decompression Cutoff points (NDL), and it functions as a profundity measure and clock as it were.

Aeris A300 man-made intelligence: Surface Modes

Aeris A300 man-made intelligence offers Plunge Organizer, PC point of interaction, Logbook and History, Time to Fly and Desaturation commencement clocks, which clients can access on surface.

Logbook stores the latest 24 jumps, including plunge start time and date, complete jump time, gathered degree of oxygen, any infringement during a plunge, greatest profundity and the temperature. This plunge information can be saved money on PC for future survey and sorting out.

Aeris A300 simulated intelligence: Usability

Maybe the fundamental explanation that Aeris A300 artificial intelligence might turn out to be extremely famous among the specialized jumpers and amateurs is that this plunge PC is exceptionally simple to set and utilize – you can essentially disregard how to utilize it and focus on plunging! Aeris have furnished A300 simulated intelligence with client replaceable battery and information maintenance include. This is exceptionally valuable component, particularly you are on the boat and have to rapidly supplant a battery.

Aeris A300 computer based intelligence: End

Aeris A300 man-made intelligence is great for any scuba jumper who requires air reconciliation and wouldn’t fret to have hose air-coordinated PC. In the event that you really want dependable jump PC with 4 gas blends, Double Calculation for liberal and moderate plunging, coordinated computerized compass, and you are prepared to put a piece greater cost you would say – Aeris A300 computer based intelligence is certainly worth your consideration, as it proceeds with the line strong and multifunctional Aeris plunge PCs!

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