Summer Swimming Safety for Small Children

 Summer Swimming Safety for Small Children

Summer Fun and Safety

There is nothing more fun and relaxing than a dip in the pool during the summer, which is especially true for children. It is also one of the easiest ways to entertain them when the heat turns up. Safety has to be a primary concern, though, when it comes to children in swimming pools. Children at the toddler age and even older should never  fence companies near me be in or around a swimming pool without adult supervision. Accidents can happen in seconds, and prevention is the best strategy.

What Can You Do?

Pools can be enjoyable for the whole family if you take a few preventative steps against accidents. One of the best ways to keep kids out of the pool is to install an approved pool fence around the perimeter. Additionally, make sure that there is an appropriate lock on the fence. Pool fences are designed to keep children completely away from the area, and can be installed around any kind of landscaping and design. They should be at a height of at least four feet. The lock should be out of reach of the child and be self-securing.

Installing a pool cover is another wise decision. There are many options and designs available. A professional can handle the installation of both manual and automated pool covers, additionally they can advise you on the use of pool alarms. Alarms can be installed by the pool, on the gate to the pool and should be put on any door that opens out to it. If a child opens one of the doors or gets near the pool, the alarm will sound warning you of the danger.

When installing a new pool, it is best to have the professionals put in an appropriate surface around the area to prevent slips and falls. Establishing rules for your children, such as not running around it and refraining from any kind of rough play can stop accidents as well.

For safety purposes, cordless or mobile phones and first aid kits should be kept within easy reach at all times. Also, one or both parents should become certified in CPR. When everyone is done using the pool, ensure that any toys and other items are put away to keep younger children from being drawn near the pool. These steps are well worth the effort and investment as they can prevent tragedies from occurring.

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