Microsoft Could Easily Leap Frog All of Apple’s Technology and Knock One Out of the Park

 Microsoft Could Easily Leap Frog All of Apple’s Technology and Knock One Out of the Park

Not a day goes by where I don’t hear someone bragging about how great Apple Computers is and how innovative the company will be far off into the future leaving all their competition in the dust for decades. Yes, I can see where they’re coming from and at first glance that might appear to be so. However very innovative companies Latest trends and news in technology  often become too bureaucratic for their own good. It is beginning to happen to Google, although Larry Page is rallying the troops to keep it thinking like an innovation company.

In big companies management often makes mistakes, becomes arrogant, or does not have the proper project management teams behind them to make it all work. Apple has done a great job on harvesting the creative geniuses to work for them, along with anyone with great innovations or inventions along their lines of product offerings generally comes to Apple with their idea first. It’s only a matter of them deciding which ones to go with, and whom to back, as they move their company forward with the next new invention.

Still, a company cannot rest on its laurels, and Microsoft could easily come back into the scene, and leapfrog all of Apple’s current technologies very easily and knock them back into the dirt where they were left for dead before Bill Gates saved the company by purchasing a third of it, over 10 years ago. Did we all the sudden forget about that? History could easily repeat itself, and Steve Jobs their spokesman and marketer extraordinaire may not be with the company forever.

How could Microsoft retake their advantage and lead in the marketplace with mobile technologies and personal tech you ask? It’s simple really, you see I believe Bill Gates was so far ahead of the curve, that he was even ahead of the technology in the industry, he was ahead of everyone else in his mind, and the only problem was that the marketplace, the vendors, and the industry couldn’t keep up.

Don’t you remember when Bill Gates showed up at the Comdex show with his wrist watch which was voice activated by speech recognition and he was able to send an e-mail via a Wi-Fi wireless connection? Well, at the time we didn’t really have wireless connections on a large scale today and there was not VoIP, or 3G-4G service, and speech recognition was brand-new, and cell phones were the size of a half-a-brick, and almost as heavy. Tablet computers with touch screens were science fiction. Do you remember now?

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