Men’s Cologne For Women

Men’s Cologne For Women

How many times have you heard his friend saying (sometimes even yourself) who loves men mens vanilla cologne s cologne? Well, the female audience does not hide this passion.

The men’s cologne consumers prefer exhaling freshness. Marked by herbal notes, citrus and dried, the men’s cologne, contrary to what one imagines, have essences less sweet, lighter and discreet than the female.

The sense of cleanliness assigned to most colognes for men is a result of the combination of different fragrances. Some brands already include notes before spoken men in women’s perfumes. Among the main essences present in more masculine perfumes, stands the fern, made from raw light and fresh, extracted from wood. And oak moss, roots and tubers, which unite freshness and character, appropriate for women practices and strong personality.

These perfumes are here for them, but women has notes of flowers and fruit, which gives that sexy touch to fragrances, leaving the smell even better, not to mention their own bottles, some almost works of art:

1. 212 Men Splash by Carolina Herrera, a fresh woody fragrance with notes of mint, ginger and sandalwood.

2. Perfume Azzaro Now Men is a woody fresh, which includes tea, cardamom, violet leaves, white leather and wood.

3. Boss In Motion Electric, Hugo Boss, brings a mix of wood at the base, with hints of patchouli and cedar, and hints of lime and violet leaves.

4. Fahrenheit 32 Dior, a fresh oriental fragrance with notes of fine AZAHRI (or orange), vetiver and vanilla.

5. The perfume brings Tokyo by Kenzo essences of ginger, lemon and grapefruit (a citrus fruit), green tea, pink p

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