Hustle Your Site to the Top!

 Hustle Your Site to the Top!


If you’ve ever read tips on how to get and keep visitors to your site, and the #1 tip wasn’t “CONTENT” then it probably should be revised. Nobody cares about a site with stale information, it’s worse then old TV movies and re-runs. The more content you have  hustle hard t-shirt  the more pages for the search engines to index, thus more ways for searchers to find you. If you need new content for your website you’re welcome to use the contents of this article on your website, providing you put a prominent TEXT link to this post at the top AND bottom.

There are many more ways to promote your blog or site and I welcome you to post them in the comments if you wish.

AdWords (And other CPC programs)

I put this near the top because it is one of the most effective and flexible methods of advertising without the need of hunting down other websites to negotiate deals directly. AdWords is probably the most popular cpc (cost per click) programs around. You simply choose the keywords (search terms) you would like to trigger your ads to display and the maximum you will pay for someone clicking and following your ad. Using this service allows anyone with virtually any budget to run an effective advertising campaign without breaking bank, benefit being you only pay for real targeted traffic. Google offers a calculator for estimating how many clicks you can expect from your choice of keywords, daily budget and maximum bid. I suggest playing with the keywords and the CPC rate to see what you can come up with. Paying too little or too much for a click can mean all the difference. Try it. With the calculator raise your CPC to $1 then down to 0.01 then around the middle, you’ll notice the estimate may not be what you expect. Paying the most, doesn’t always mean getting the most, unless you have unlimited funds to cover your bids.

You will want to spend some time trying different ad styles, research the other companies with AdWords for the same keywords. Try to make an ad that stands out from theirs. You way want to send the traffic to a landing page (I discuss these later). In the end a proper AdWords campaign never ends because new things are searched for daily and the web is a place of trends. Staying on top of your CPC, Ad Quality and keywords will surely give you the edge.

Direct Ad Space (Using cost per impression or term programs)

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