How to Keg Your Home Brewed Beer – Save Time and Stop Bottling Your Beer

 How to Keg Your Home Brewed Beer – Save Time and Stop Bottling Your Beer

If you’re a home brewer, you’re likely familiar with the process of bottling beer. Bottling beer is Cornelius Filler  great, except for two major drawbacks:

Cleaning about 50 bottles for every batch of beer get really old, really quickly

After bottling your beer, waiting 2-4 weeks for it to properly carbonate is never an easy feat.

The two drawbacks above are quickly remedied for home brewers who keg their beers in a 5 gallon cornelius keg (corny keg). There are no more bottles to clean, you simply clean out one 5 gallon keg. There is no 2-4 week wait to drink the beer, simply force carbonate and you can drink your beer the next day. If that sounds enticing, then read on to get a feel for how kegging home brewed beer works.

Before the brief explanation of how to keg your beer, here’s a quick list of items that you’ll need.

5 Gallon Cornelius Keg (Ball or Pin Lock)

CO2 Tank

Dual Gauge Pressure Regulator

Beer (Black) Disconnect

Gas (Gray) Disconnect

Gas Line

Beer line assembly with party tap

I’m a fan of being able to drink my beer as soon as possible, so I’ll be discussing the “force carbonation” method of kegging and carbonating beer. Here’s a very brief and very general overview of the process.

Start by rinsing your keg out and then filling it with sanitizer.

Attach your (Gray) gas-in line and pressurize to 5-10psi.

Attach your (Black) beer-out line and open the tap to allow for sanitiz

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