Holographic Sports Simulation and Psycho-Cybernetic Mind Training Considered

 Holographic Sports Simulation and Psycho-Cybernetic Mind Training Considered

Some sports coaches say it is all in the mind, and in many regards that is true. The top athletes will tell you there is a mental game and a physical one and you can win until you master both, that too is true, I know from Psychosexologist  experience. So, how do you train yourself to become the best, to will events to occur, and to always achieve a favorable outcome in every play in every game? Well, if I knew that my friends, I doubt I’d be writing about it and telling you the secret online. Okay so, let’s talk, because while debating this topic with myself during my evening job, a new concept came to me, but first to explain this I must give you a little bit of background first.

Maxwell Maltz wrote an incredible book back in the 1950s called “Psycho-cybernetics” and at the time it was big news for athletes and those trying to overcome fear, low self-esteem challenges, and inevitably helped launch the later multi-billion dollar self-help industry. You see, there were some chapters in there introducing the whole “believe to achieve” mantra and motif. In fact, a story in the book told of a basketball player trying to increase his free-throw percentages, and he practiced and practiced, but couldn’t boost his stats.

Then they tried something new, instead of actually using a basketball, he sat in a chair at the free throw line and looked at the basket imagining the ball “swishing” in for many hours at a time. The results were staggering and thus, this is the power of the mind. It’s real, and I know it from playing high-performance sports myself. It is amazing what you can will your body to do, you can will yourself to win. Still, what if you are a great big football player and you need to learn the plays quickly, and convince yourself you can make it through the line or catch the ball and then break tackles?

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