Game, Set, Match! Choosing Lighting for Your Tennis Court

 Game, Set, Match! Choosing Lighting for Your Tennis Court

When you are looking to install a tennis court on your property, or as part of an upgrade on rental or commercial properties, an integral part of the court will obviously be the tennis court lighting

  equipment including rackets, balls, and of course the net. The court itself, whether an artificial turf, clay, or real grass, will likely have some fencing or other type of surrounding enclosure to keep errant balls from being hit outside and damaging passing cars or buildings, or other property. As important as all these considerations are, what if you are a busy person who works all day, and only has time to play on your court in the evenings? You will want to consider lighting for your court, of course.

When considering illuminating your tennis court, the proper lighting decisions can often seem intimidating to make. You may not know the structural supports, wattage, or even type of light bulb you will need. You will be walking into this in the dark, so to speak. The good thing is, you will be able to talk to an expert who installs tennis court lighting professionally. Online, you will likely find companies who do this close to your location, or at least within reasonable driving distance. You can either go to their offices or warehouses, or have a knowledgeable expert come to you. In either case, they will have the right equipment and expertise to fit your needs, setting you up with the correct array of lights, their supports, and sufficient wattage to make your court bright enough for you to play those evening or late night games.

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