Fundraising for Faith and Fellowship: Church Youth Group Ideas


Fundraising within a church youth group can serve as a powerful way to promote faith, build fellowship, and support various initiatives. These fundraising activities not only raise much-needed funds but also strengthen the bonds of the youth group and the church community as a whole. Here are some creative fundraising ideas tailored to church youth groups:

  1. Bible Verse Fundraiser: Encourage youth group members to select and memorize Bible verses. Friends, family, and church members can sponsor them per verse or donate a lump sum for each verse memorized. This fundraiser not only raises funds but also promotes Bible study and reflection.
  2. Prayer Partnerships: Pair youth group members with church members who commit to praying for them regularly. Youth members can then write letters or send updates to their prayer partners, fostering intergenerational connections. Donations can be encouraged as an expression of gratitude for the prayers received.
  3. Service-a-Thon: Organize a day or weekend of service where youth group members perform acts of kindness and service in the community. Supporters can pledge donations for each hour or project completed. It’s a way to embody the spirit of Jesus’ teachings through actions.
  4. Christian Art Auction: Encourage youth members to create Christian-themed artwork, including paintings, drawings, or crafts. Host an art auction within the church, where attendees can bid on these pieces. The funds raised can be used for youth group activities or church projects.
  5. Christian Concert or Talent Show: Showcase the musical or artistic talents of the youth group and other church members. Charge admission fees for a Christian concert or talent show featuring performances that celebrate faith and community.
  6. Blessings in a Jar: Prepare and sell “Blessings in a Jar.” Fill jars with handwritten Bible verses, prayers, or inspirational messages. These jars can be gifted to friends, family, or church members as tokens of faith and hope.
  7. Hymn Sing-a-Thon: Host a hymn sing-a-thon where attendees can request their favorite hymns. Youth group members lead the singing, and participants can make donations for song requests. This fundraiser combines music, fellowship, and worship.
  8. Church Cookbook: Compile a church cookbook featuring favorite recipes contributed by church members, including youth. Sell the cookbooks to the congregation and the wider community. Include a section of prayers or Bible verses to add a faith dimension.
  9. Family Faith Night: Organize a family-oriented event at the church, featuring activities like board games, Bible trivia, and devotionals. Participants can pay an entrance fee, and families can compete in friendly competitions while deepening their faith.
  10. Faith Walkathon: Plan a walkathon or fun run with a faith twist. Along the route, include stations where participants can stop for prayers, scripture readings, or faith-based challenges. Encourage participants to seek sponsorships for each mile walked or run.
  11. Christian Book Fair: Partner with a Christian bookstore or publisher to host a Christian book fair at the church. A percentage of the sales can go towards the youth group’s activities or a church project.
  12. Prayer Shawl Ministry: Youth group members can learn to knit or crochet prayer shawls. These shawls can be blessed in a church service and then sold or donated to church members in times of need.
  13. Bible Study Guides: Create and sell Bible study guides or devotionals written by youth group members. These resources can be used by individuals or small groups within the church.
  14. Missions Night: Host a missions night where youth group members share their experiences and lessons from mission trips. Attendees can make donations to support future missions or sponsor individual youth members.
  15. Seasonal Fundraisers: Tailor your fundraisers to specific seasons or holidays, such as Christmas caroling, Easter egg hunts, or Thanksgiving food drives. These events can both raise funds and share the message of faith and fellowship.

Remember to involve youth group members in the planning and execution of these church youth fundraiser ideas. Their active participation not only empowers them but also makes the events more meaningful and engaging for everyone involved. Fundraising for faith and fellowship within a church youth group not only supports important causes but also strengthens the bonds of the community and nurtures the spiritual growth of the next generation.


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