Cheaper to Build Or Buy Paintball Sniper Gun

 Cheaper to Build Or Buy Paintball Sniper Gun

Is it cheaper to build your own paintball sniper gun or to buy a designed package? It really depends on you and what you want. Before you make up your mind it is best to know the basics of a paintball sniper gun. The only requirements are a marker, hopper or magazine, air tank, a longer barrel, and a long range scope. There are plenty of add ons 30-30 ammo  such as a buttstock, extra ammo, a bi pod, and even camouflage. So the overall price is really going to depend on the choices you make.

Building your own weapon can be time consuming but cheaper and rewarding in the long fun. The first must get is the marker or gun. If you already have an upgradeable gun and are comfortable with it then the hardest choice has been made. You would need to figure out the accessories you want and purchase those which will greatly decrease your total price. Just make sure the parts you buy are compatible with your gun. If you don’t have a marker then this is the first choice to make and the most expensive one. You need to find a gun that is versatile, dependable, and within you budget. The next choice is your barrel. Paintball sniper barrels come in a variety of lengths, anywhere from 14″ to over 22″. I have found that if you stay around the middle of 18″ with a rifled barrel will give you the accuracy and distance that is desired.

If you don’t need a lot of ammo then going with a magazine over a hopper is preferred. The magazine is lighter and more aesthetic. Hoppers can hold as many as 200 rounds or more but are bigger and heavier. It is easier to carry more ammo if needed without having to carry extra magazines. Air tanks are used to propel the paintballs and can be refillable or disposable. The can also be concealed within the buttstock. So a buttstock can be handy for a sniper by giving a more realistic rifle feel but also make the rifle look genuine. You then need to decide on your scope. Most long range scoped will be sufficient so find one that suits you and your price goal. You can even add a red dot scope if there is a possibility for some close range firing. The bi pod is also a valuable asset to a paintball sniper. It is not a necessary add but will help with prolonged stationary waiting. There are many other add ons such as electronic triggers, camouflage or even full ghillie suits that can also aid in your quest but these will of course add to your costs.

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