Attention! Your Car’s Fuel Filter Needs to Be Changed

 Attention! Your Car’s Fuel Filter Needs to Be Changed

It’s important and needs special attention as many other auto parts do. That’s true friends, Fuel filters, that constitute a major part of automobile fuel supply system should be  wix 4003 changed every year if not possible at regular interval. For some of the fuel filters come with life time guarantee, yet it is safer and definitely better to change these filters after regular intervals. Here are the answers to all your questions related to fuel filters and their replacement.

Why Change Fuel Filter?

For Preventive Maintenance – As it is said, prevention is better than cure and so it is always better to keep your vehicle fit rather to take it for repair in case of breakdown. Hence it is the most important reason to change the fuel filters and the same implies for all the auto parts.

To Avoid Plugging Up – In case of high mileage vehicles, it is always preferable to change the fuel filter at an interval of one year to avoid plugging. Being in regular touch with moisture leads to corrosion and the debris of this corrosion often flows into the fuel tank at the time of pouring fuel.

So That Contamination Free Gasoline Enters Your Vehicle’s – If your fuel filter is damaged, it will not be able to filter gasoline that is contaminated and is mixed with alcohol blends. Whereas, a well fit fuel filters prevents debris from entering the tank.

When Is The Right Time to Replace The Fuel Filter?

Changing fuel filter is necessary. But the question arises as how to know when is the right time to replace the fuel filters. Here are few ways that determine the right time to replace the fuel filters.

Remove the Filter & Blow Through It – This is the D-I-Y tip to check whether the fuel filter needs replacement. Just trying blowing through the fuel filter. Make sure you maintain some distance from your face while blowing through this filter. Any kind of major resistance felt indicates that filter needs replacement.

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