Airsoft Guns – How Do I Pick the Right One?

 Airsoft Guns – How Do I Pick the Right One?

When it comes to the sport of airsoft, there are a few different types, or “classes” of guns available. What you need will depend greatly on what your role will be. For 38 special ammo  instance, do you want to be a sniper? Or will you be doing mostly QCB (close quarters battles)? Or do you want the best of BOTH worlds? Yes, there is a specific type of gun for ALL of these scenarious!

Another important thing to consider is the price factor. So before I even get started with this guide, I would like to say a little bit about the price of the airsoft gun(s) that you will be using, and what you can expect to get, based on the price that you pay.

Basically you can go cheap, and buy one of the many Chinese made airsoft guns. For the most part these will be made out of mostly ABS plastic, but they will pretty much perform IDENTICAL to the more expensive, “full metal” airsoft guns out there. The main difference will be that their durability is a bit less than the full metal guns. However, unless you do something fairly stupid (like dropping the gun from the roof of a building), then you are most likely not going to have to worry about breaking the gun.

For those of you that want to spend a bit more, you can obviously get a full metal airsoft rifle, but you will also be paying at least $50 more you would pay for an Abs plastic airsoft gun. As far as the components inside of the gun, they will be the same quality as what is inside of the plastic guns (assuming that they are true AEG airsoft guns). However, if you want to spend about $300 or more, you can get an airsoft gun that is made in Taiwan, rather than China. While these types of guns will still perform the same (velocity & accuracy wise), they actually use much higher quality internal components, which pretty much means they will out last the cheaper guns.

Ok, now that we have talked about price and quality, we can talk about specific types of airsoft guns. So with that said, if you want to be a sniper (which almost everyone does), then you will need a powerful “spring” operated airsoft sniper rifle. These guns are great because they shoot the furthest and have the most power. Also, they require no addition power source in order to fire; you simply cock them back for each shot.

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