A Review of the Sony CFDG700CP CD Boombox Radio Cassette Recorder

 A Review of the Sony CFDG700CP CD Boombox Radio Cassette Recorder

Boomboxes are fine music makers that let people maximize the entertainment of listening to good music with better sound quality, louder volumes, and clearer details. tape aux cord   The Sony CFDG700CP CD Boombox Radio Cassette Recorder is one of these products with excellent quality and functional features that aren’t only for aesthetics, but also for music-making.


Sony calls this device a boombox and made use of its trademark Xplod Boombox design, which is designated for devices with higher quality and power and more aggressive looks. The look of this device is definitely aggressive, with its highlights of red and a silver face, fronting its rugged black body. It’s a “cool” machine with a nice aesthetic design that’s fresh as far as Sony devices go. Despite its classic cassette tape compatibility, it has a very funky look that makes it stand out and match the younger generations’ style preferences.

Not only that, the controls are easy to use as well. It also has a remote control which makes it easier for navigation without the need to stand up and press buttons on the machine itself. It has a weight of 19 pounds and the dimensions of 55.1 x 37.0 x 24.6 cm, quite bulky but easy to carry around and take to different places.


The single-line LCD display is as simple as can be, only giving the necessary information based on which media is playing, and what the details of the song being played are.


The speakers are excellent in their music-making abilities. The built-in stereo system has a speaker, tweeter, and woofer. The dimensions of the speaker are 10 cm for each, the tweeter is 2 cm, and the woofer is 13 cm. The speakers are 4W each and the woofer is 12W, creating a total power output of 20W. For a boombox, this device has an excellent sound level.

It has five preset equalizer modes which are rock, dance, reggaeton, salsa, and flat – perfect for any party music. The disc player has programming options of repeat and shuffle, and the CD formats supported are CD-R/RW with MP3 and WMA file types. The cassette tape player allows you to play old cassettes, or record on them. The radio has a digital tuner with 30 FM and 10 AM preset channels for easy scanning.

Other Features

The device also has its own timer which provides 6 different sleep times. You can also connect the boombox to components, MP3 players, PCs, TVs, and VCRs. You can use a microphone through the audio in jack and a headset through the audio out jack. The unit operates on AC/DC but it can also be operated by 8 D-size batteries which can last up to 18 hours of playtime if Sony alkaline batteries are used.


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